dConstruct 2007: Matt Webb

It was great to see Matt talk again. More than anyone else he always gives me Ideas. They may not be immediately useful, ore even connected, but they’ll sit in your mind until required. You can get his transcript/slides on the interweb and you should,  it’s well worth it. In many ways though his presentations sort of work better on the internet so you’re on good ground looking at it now.

Customisation is changing something that’s intrinsic to the product wheras Personalisation is just changing the product’s defaults. As such are we actually looking to customise our sites for the customer rather than personalise them?

‘you don’t get any points for showing your working, what matters is the stuff you produce’

I do like his presentation software, the background videos are nicely implemented, the wii navigation is cute (even though I wish he’d done a bit more showmanship over it and said ‘I am now using a wii to do this, note how this connects to the points I have been making’).