dConstruct 2007: George Oates and Denise Wilton

Firstly, excellent usage of the phrase ‘an online website’ something I feel we all need to remind ourselves of from time to time.

Flickr turned itself into a website to get asynchronous. (there is lots of power in asynchronous communication although it is generally less highly valued than synchronous).

“the less rules you have about progression through an experience, the freeer to are to enjoy” “community guides and taste makers are vital” “sometimes, if you’re jumping in on a message board for the first time it’s confusing when you see cunt every 5 posts.”

A new flickr feature was given a sneak preview, a new way of exploring photos by place they are taken. Intended to expose more ‘newsworthy’ stuff and be less ‘hallmark moment than Interestingness’ (the algorithm they currently use for the equivelent of ‘our favourites’).