dConstruct 2007: Tom Coates

“a web of data” is sort of like the semantic web. it’s about designing openness and slicability into your product. Almost like turning anything into iTunes or Excel.

“your site is not your product”

A thought: how much power do power managers use? In other words, for what tasks is the visualisation or reporting requirement more burdensome than the task itself. But even then, do those tasks make sense to be done anyway if you can’t see what went on and how. Is the overhead compulsory?

Fire Eagle, it’s like the LDB, only with other data sources as well. This is interesting, not least because people like Yahoo, Google and Nokia are some of the few people (in tech) outside the operators with a comprehensive view of location.

“Top navigation is not about getting you closer to your goal. It’s about giving you a jumping off point.” I feel these intersects with the coming thoughts about playful interfaces and taking enjoyment in tasks but I’m not entirely sure how to express it right now.