Just Too Good

I’ve hosted my infrastructure at Bytemark for a couple of years now and overall I’ve been very pleased with it. Virtualisation really is the future. However just yesterday I was outraged to see that they’d upgraded the spec that was being offered to new customers, without making mine any better a clear case of double standards. I sent them an email to complain and just a few moments later got a very polite note back in response saying that all I needed to do was reboot my box and the upgrade would be there, after a slightly longer than normal start. And that’s when it hit me.

I run the stable branch of Debian Linux on my machine, a system so stable that tectonic plates have been known to blush at their 12cm a millennia movement. My machine has a current uptime of 361 days without a reboot and the last time I rebooted it? You guessed it, another hardware upgrade. It wasn’t that Bytemark were trying to screw me, far from it, they always do the right thing. It was that my system is just too good for me to notice. Damn Linux. I’ll reboot in 4 days and feel the happiness of more RAM.