Shuffle Is As Shuffle Does

You may have seen a fair bit of stuff scrolling past on here that is work related. This is partly because 3GSM is going on and partly because people are talking more about stuff that interests me in mobile. However the disclaimer should always be applied. You will not find anything ‘new’ on this site to do with mobile as I’m not allowed to talk about it. In that spirit here’s a long excerpt from a pretty insightful essay by Carlo over at mobhappy.

This is total long-tail thinking: a smart operator will install Opera Platform on as many devices as it can, then build a system through which people can easily sell their widgets to users. It’s impossible for carriers, or even their content partners to cater to everyone’s tastes; but creating an ecosystem where they can rely on outside content from providers as well as individuals — and taking a cut along the way — offers them the best chance. Users can easily personalize the content they receive on their devices, adding a new level of personalization beyond ringtones or colored faceplates.

These are exactly the sort of issues that MNO’s of all stripes are battling with.

I’ve also been enjoying some blogs like Martin Geddes’ Telepocalypse and this user experience blog (although any time I see ‘user’ rather than ‘customer’ the red mist descends) and marvelous scans of Hooke’s Micrographia Restaurata (people made supernice things in the past too, who knew?). I have had a haircut that makes me look less like Saracens’ Shane Byrne but sadly more like the one in the middle from Maroon 5. Oh well.

I’m now shockingly behind on doing something so must dash.