I don’t normally post about work type stuff on here for obvious reasons, not the least of which is that according to my contract my employers can cut off my HANDS and then my HEAD with LIGHTSABERS if I say something that isn’t ‘public knowledge’. So on that note, Vodafone Simply is a really good idea and actually looks very simple apart from one thing, the idle screen. That is not simple. It just seems a real missed opportunity to redefine what the home/idle screen means and how information is displayed to people. I mean, do I care that my phone is ‘Normal’ what does that mean? Why is there all that text there? This is supposed to be a dashboard, not a cockpit.

Also, and vaguely on theme, Dodgeball just got bought by Google. They seem to be attempting to make love to mobile in that clumsy american kind of way (witness their syntax for google sms). There isn’t a syntax for the google website, you just type things at it and it responds contextually so why on earth should I have to print off a little card for my phone? You’re supposed to be better than this Google, sort it.

Oh and unlikely as it may be that anybody would take me seriously, I’m never speaking for anyone other than myself on this site.