Nokia 770

Every so often I see something and just enthuse about it until someone takes me to one side and shows that it’s not as clever as I think. So let’s try that in real time. Today Nokia announced their new Internet tablet, the Nokia 770. Go on, click on that link and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

It’s fully NickBuzzword compliant with Linux, WiFi, Bluetooth, 800×480 screen, GNOME, GStreamer, Debian and more wrapped up in a nice little package that they call Maemo. It’s pretty much all Open OS, open source (under a variety of licences from CC on up). It’s 14cm by 8cm which is almost exactly the size of the paperback book in my bag. The only thing it doesn’t have is a GSM stack, which just goes to show you what it’s really all about. It’s a connected version of the Epson P2000 which Robert is always raving about only without the hard drive, going for excellent network connectivity instead. Looks like it’ll cost about $350 (£200), I will almost certainly be obtaining one.

At the moment it’s not quite all there. In 5 years this sort of thing will be iPod.