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Alt-rock band The Cooper Temple Clause formed a kabbadi team in 2001 and were, at one stage, ranked seventh in the British domestic standings.

A learning.

Large Targets

People note that designing for touch screens requires you to have much larger tap targets, because tapping is less precise than clicking — your finger is way bigger than a mouse pointer. They conclude that this creates user interfaces that are inherently bad for desktop PCs, because desktop PCs use mice.

But if you’ve ever seen normal people use computers, squinting at the screen to position the mouse cursor just exactly over the icon, and then carefully clicking it to make sure that they don’t accidentally move the mouse while clicking and initiate a drag, you’ll probably agree that desktops can really benefit from larger click targets, too. And it’s not just people who are not proficient with mice. It’s also people using trackballs, people working with drawing tablets, and so on.

In other words, I think the exact same design patterns that make touch screen apps work well on touch screens — large buttons, large text, uncluttered user interfaces — also make them good desktop apps.

This is exactly what our user research for Moblin Netbook found. Just part of another fantastic article by Lukas Mathis.

First Ride

This morning: a little sun, a crisp snap in the air, dry. It must be time for the first ride of the year.

Over the past few weeks of relentless rain, cold and drizzle I'd been looking mournfully outside, waiting for the weather to break a little and thinking that I was 'running behind' last year, which was a good one in the saddle for me.

I know you can say that there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. But when you don't have said clothes that's not much consolation so I've been huddling inside. Anyway, today seemed bright enough and indeed I made it with only minor discomfort not caused due to lack of fitness.

Upon my return I took a look at the ride in Strava and discovered that I'd been deceiving myself. Last year I started two days later and went slower and less far. Suddenly 2014 looks more optimistic.


I'm not going to go into too much detail in a public forum but I'm delighted to say that my wife and I are going to have a baby. Priorities are shifting, standard middle-class life trajectory is ongoing.

Fighting Back

If you actually want to do something to 'fight back' then use proper crypto on websites you control and change any defaults to use HTTPS on websites you don't control. There's no excuse, it's free. It took me about 20 minutes of fussing to move my sites over, and most of that was just fixing CSS to be protocol independent. After you've done some actual concrete steps to help communications privacy and identity verification you can set your twibbon and feel justifiably indignant.