This post has been stuck in my ‘drafts folder’ for too long, sorry about that. When I left you last I was leaving Intel - now I can say that for the last year and a bit I’ve been working at a company called Lumi. It was a hard decision to leave Intel, the OTC guys are a great team and I’m proud to call them my friends but the opportunity to work on something new and take it all the way to launch was too good to miss.

Lumi is a service to recommend web pages to people - looking at the pages they see to make a taste profile and looking at new pages that everyone is looking at to make suggestions as to things they might find interesting. As such this is really the culmination of a lot of work about passive interfaces, data collection and suggestion that I’ve been exploring, off and on, ever since I started working in the tech industry. It’s been really satisfying to get close to the data and grapple with these problems again.

One of the that is a real passion of the team is user privacy. We know more than anyone else that startups are risky and we want to make sure that our users and protected from themselves, from each other and from us. If you’re interested check out our long blog post.

We launched properly last week so go to and sign up!