dConstruct 2007: Lisa Reichect

I didn’t spend as much time taking notes in this talk as I was enjoying it too much.

Lisa points to the successes of UCD and Agile in making great designs and programs but notes that doing UCD and then following it on with doing Agile on the result doesn’t really work.

She slags of the functional spec, as you might expect, but then again she specifically notes she’s not dealing with offshoring.

\   /\   /\   /\    Problem space
 \ /  \ /  \ /  \
_ ______\ How humans think / \ / \ / / \/ \/ Solution space

——————> Time

Humans don’t think waterfall, or agile really, they switch between the problem, possible solutions and then when they work back to the problem again until things are sorted.

Good (and rewarding) processes are: * iterative * have early and rapid releases * multi-disciplinary * collaborative * involve end users