dConstruct 2007: Jared Spool

Very american. I am currently in Brighton and am thus not entirely impressed. Also morning grumpy.

Slags off the Sansa e210 by comparing it to the iPod but doesn’t talk about the Sansa connect with wifi, Embedded Linux and other goodies. Sort of like slagging off the iPod by comparing the shuffle to a HiFi. Some strange stats abuse re: iTunes downloads at 650 million vs copies of Windows and iPod sales at 110 million vs Zune sales at 1 million. It’s not as if either of these have been on the market for the same ammount of time, in the same territories are at the same price points (really) or are comparable goods. Very apples to oranges. How have the presence of retail apple stores changed things for the iPod buyer in the UK? Since there’s only two stores, one in London and one in Birmingham. Know your audience Mr Spool.

Sharepoint: ‘an amazing way to kill a business’. Strong Truth.

Often experiences design stuff doesn’t work, lack of business understanding or misaligned expectations. Chicken sexing is ‘boring to watch, stunning to think about’. Design - learned but not open to introspection

Uses an old travelocity disambiguation problem that isn’t present in the recent versions of the design (I wonder if they saw the talk).

The magic was good though.