So I finished Oblivion, well, mostly finished. They keep trying to sell me new bits of it, and yes I’ll probably buy the Knights of the Nine. But there’s just one thing left, the most annoying fetch quest in the game, the one that breaks mens souls, Seeking Your Roots. Imagine that you had to collect about 100150 of 307 identical items hidden within the Greater London area. They could be anywhere, within peoples homes, underground. The only clue that you have is that the plant likes to grow near water and that you hear a sort of jingling when you’re close to it.

Oh and the reward you get for all this collecting is paltry and pathetic. When I saw this plant growing on the roundabout outside work I almost had to physically restrain myself from running over to add it to my inventory, it looks disturbingly similar to the devil weed. Anyway, games can ruin your life kids; don’t try this at home. Originally uploaded by nedrichards.