Silent To The Dark

Let me tell you about some things before I go off and make pretty explosions. Do you like the opening shots of movies? Do you like Punch Drunk Love? Then you’ll love this story about the opening shot of Punch Drunk Love. My cat is sitting on my lap as I type this, it basically stops me being snarky in any way, if I were you I would exploit this knowledge. Ah, he’s jumped off, missed a trick there didn’t you. Sortable Lists are my new UI metaphor of choice. This post is named after a song that came up on my whilst I was writing it. American but unarguable (danger: mobile). A collection of MC Escher pictures rendered in Lego. The World War One diaries of Edward Packe (1916 in particular is…illuminating). Frank Lloyd Wright’s Kauffman House in Half-Life 2, this is just beautiful. I tried to work out how to get it working on my machine at lunch without luck. When I do you’ll hear about it. Anti-American Turkish pop culture. I’ve been meaning to talk about the ESV bible annotations done with the Amazon Mechanical Turk for ages, since I haven’t you’re just going to have to assume that I have and that I’ve noted how cool the ESV is in general. How Criterion create engaging rivalries in online gaming automagically in Burnout Revenge on the Xbox 360. There’s no shouting on flickr, a nice way of subtly enforcing good social norms. A rogues gallery of criminals on the British railways 1887->1939, people had more interesting faces in black and white.

There, that should leave you with enough things to think about whilst I get on with some serious hacking and slashing.