what’s the web take batman?

It’s always good to know you’re cool. So it was very heartening this week to see that the Bloomsbury Lanes (location of our team Christmas Party and many a late night visit) we’re mentioned in this Guardian article on tenpin bowling, the new cool thing. I shall do my best to change my behaviour to be less cool. This weeks In Our Time, on The Royal Society, was very good although obviously old ground to anyone who’d read the Baroque Cycle. Download it now (until next tursday, after which you can stream forever). A special kind of insanity seems to have lead me to sign up for another run. This time I’ll be doing the Watford 10k on the 1st May (I believe my mate Phil will also be taking part). You are cordially invited to either spectate or run yourself, it’s not that far. If incentive is required I can promise some kind of drinking shall be indulged in post exertion.

Here is a diagram of some learning curves. Whether you find this funny will depend whether you criticise one of the options by saying “but I use the nano unstable branch, not pico”.

I have been very much liking the MIT Mediawork pamphlets, a lovely combination of ideas and design; both facilitating the other. Hopefully I shall not be thwarted in my quest to collect ‘em all. Although one strange concept is that of a ‘WebTake’ of a book. A sort of sanctioned critical response in another medium. Although I can see the validitity of the concept intellectually it still feels very 1997. As such “what’s the web take batman?” forms the title to this post. And finally this has been sitting around in my queue for a while. A wise man once said this:

Unix has a philosophy that’s about building a consistent and orthogonal universe. Windows has a philosophy that’s about building a very large automated house by a lake in Seattle.

He was right.