The Guardian, newspaper bastion of the liberal left, has redesigned their print edition. Newspaper redesigns don’t happen very often and when they do people get very excited, not least because it’s an object that readers have an intense familar attachment to but even for these sort of things the clamour was loud, eloquent and rather informative. The pick of the commentating bunch for your erutition were this long survey from Dan Hill of which probably the best bit was the comparison of the design to the brash vernacular of the tabloids and weekly celeb magazines; and Andy’s typically detailist comments picking up on the subtle cues that designers use to move our eyes around a page and the ways that The Web has influenced the approach they’ve taken.

As for me? I like the photos and the way sport is a seperate section so I can take it with me on the train in the morning while the remainder of the paper heads in the other direction. That and the 1,000 serious words on the Game of the week in thursdays Technology section and I think it’s a winning change all round.