Duffer St. George And I Don’t Care

Quick interesting thingdump:

David Seymour came to Saracens via the back door, but nobody better typifies the exhilarating new breed of opensides.

Carl Shimer from work on Symbian vs Windows Mobile vs J2ME, vs Linux a programmers perspective.

If you have an audio recording of somebody typing on an ordinary computer keyboard for fifteen minutes or so, you can figure out everything they typed. The idea is that different keys tend to make slightly different sounds, and although you don’t know in advance which keys make which sounds, you can use machine learning to figure that out, assuming that the person is mostly typing English text.

Vaguely amusing:

”You’re attempting to login to Windows and there’s a significant delay between entering your credentials and the desktop appearing. What is your first concern?” “Your network is down!” the Boss blurts quickly “No, your first concern is who the hell’s overwritten your Linux desktop install!”

And as for the Ashes? We have never beaten Australia in a series during my concious period of interest in the game of cricket. So I’m pretty pleased.