Listening Too Long, To One Song

I always knew that talking to strangers was good. Do it more often.

I like this article on the imagery and symbolism in Punch Drunk Love rather a lot, but that may be becuase it’s just about my favourite movie of all time at the moment.

That I smiled so much at this piece of ‘gay’ parody probably means I spent too much time at school. But it is nevertheless true that as a word it does describe a specific feel of a thing, outsite and detached from the obvious hurtfullness of the expression, a certain effeminacy that’s almost touched on by ‘metrosexual’ in the Venn diagram but really isn’t. A different sort of shininess if you will.

A hideous screenshot of the bad old days of UNIX UI design where programmers were men and colour blindness was an asset. Interesting to note that pretty much exactly the same code (but a very different UI) has powered and continues to power almost every calculator on UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X for the last 20 years.

Monoetheka is a nice looking GTK ‘iTunes for Video’ sort of thing that I’m finding useful to categorise certain random collections of bits.

If patent law had been applied to novels in the 1880s, great books would not have been written. If the EU applies it to software, every computer user will be restricted.” A very instructive metaphor.

And The New Pornographers have a new album coming out soon. It sounds great so far, preorder is being readied.