I am very pleased to see that despite losing the election (pretty much a forgone conclusion sadly, in a constituancy that has never returned anything other than a Tory MP) Kerron decided to carry on blogging, and at a much more hospitable location too. From the look of the first few entries he’s really hit the ground running after his practice run of a couple of months ago so I’m looking forward to seeing how it all develops. Here’s some sample actual blogging:

But that’s what you get if you go to a Poly, I suppose. Without naming it - I mean you can go on the internet and track this info down if you are that bothered (but I will get a restraining order out on you if I find out) - it’s still the only Poly, by name, in Britain. And, arguably, it’s there on merit.

I won’t go the whole hog and back him for the leadership though, as my choices are always pretty cursed when it comes to political leadership contests of any sort. For example, I took rather a shine to IDS when he used to get changed next to me for football matches in his greying y-front underpants, and look what happened to him.

Well worth adding to your feedreader.