Tomboy Windows

As you know, I have a love for Tomboy, the cool note taking and personal wiki app for GNOME. Such a love that I use it every day for everything and rsync all my Tomboy DBs into a master list of TODO and snippet every night etc.

Yet it’s not all plain sailing, for annoying reasons I often have to use a Windows OS at work. Booo, hiss and all that. Often that would be the end of the possibilities for using an app like Tomboy, something that’s so good precisely becuase it exploits all the excellent things about GNOME yet in todays modern world this need not be so. Clever yet insane people like Zac Bowling have stepped up to the challenge and are actually making progress on porting to windows. A version that works for normal consumers is still a little way away but it’s coming like lots of other fine open source apps that work on Windows so nobody has to miss out on the joys of Freedom.