Coffee Portions

We drink a fair amount of coffee, as most offices do these days, mostly from Eat as it’s the closest coffee producer not partially owned by McDonalds. Now I’ve always been fascinated by the mechanics and recipes behind UK high street coffee shops, how their business model works, how they do their portions etc. so unconciously in the background I’ve been deconstructing their model to attempt to optimise my coffee experience. I realised that I’d been doing this at some point yesterday when I decided to go for a short cappuccino rather than a tall one becuase I wanted a stronger coffee and thought it’d be a good plan to systematise it slightly and stick it up on here.

There are three main constituants of a high st coffee in the UK: espresso coffee, hot milk and foam. The balance of these three ingrediants determines which product you order. For clarity we’ll normalise the sizing in the diagrams below to show the proportions more accurately. Obviously in larger sizes you get more product, usually for about 30p extra per size, but to me the interesting part is how the quality and style of drink changes with size and proportion of ingredients.

short cappuccino
Short Cappuccino: 1 shot of coffee, remainder split fairly equally between hot milk and foam

tall cappuccino
Tall Cappuccino: 1 shot of coffee, remainder half and half between hot milk and foam

Short Latte: 1 shot of coffee, remainder mostly milk and a dusting of foam
Tall Latte: 2 shots of coffee, remainder mostly milk and a dusting of foam [it seems that these both have the same proportions]

The main blindspot, as you can see is the lack of coverage in the grande sizes. I’ll update and improve as circumstances allow.