A small and not entirely exhaustive list of processors (CPUs) I now own:

  • 1x 800Mhz PowerPC G4 in my laptop
  • 1x 733Mhz x86 Celeron in my Xbox
  • 1x 270MHz UltraSPARC IIi
  • 1x 125MHz MIPS in my Linksys router
  • 1x 120MHz ‘network processor’ in my Squeezebox
  • 1x 100Mhz StrongARM in my Psion Series 7
  • 2x ARM of unknown speed in my Nokia 3650 (I’m assuming 2x as most smartphones have one processor for telephony and another for apps)

I’m making this list becuase I’ve just got a Sun Ultra 5 for my birthday and because all of these are faster than my first PC, the Atari 520ST which ran at a mighty 8MHz on a Motorola 68000. Sigh, I miss you GEM.

So if anyone has any experience with installing Linux or Solaris on Sun boxes drop me a line as the latest Debian-Installer build just kernel panicked.