Well, next time I upgrade my blogging software I’m going to have to move off MT. It’s been a good pacakge but it seems I don’t fit their customer profile anymore. tolstoy is hosted on a dual processor box and that’s something thad (madly) they specificly prohibit. Not sure why but it’s their perogative to do whatever they so wish with their software.

This is just another set of users learning all over again exactly why software libre is good for everybody. I’m not complaining, I went into this thing with my eyes wide open; in the end MT is nothing more than a pretty front end to some quality open source infrastructure. Looks like I’m either going to have to find an open source front end (probably WordPress) or build my own. So long as you own your data in an open format nothing of this nature can touch you. This is lesson that is trying to teach. So endeth the lesson.

Update: Oh and as per someone else says it better than I do. God bless the internet.

Update 2: To be fair they have struck the single CPU limits from the licences as being sick and wrong. Still, anyone who’d put it up there in the first place…