What's in 1.0.2

Well 1.0.2 is on general release feel free to have a download. The release fixes the bugs mentioned in the release notes, if you’re running up against these its a recommended download. There are a few more bugs that were fixed in this version that didn’t make it into the release notes, I’ll post again when they’re updated. If you’re not running into these problems then you don’t have to bother although I hear anecdotaly that it’s a bit faster. As a side issue, linking the release notes to the IssueZilla issues they represent is excellent and is something I’ve wanted for some time. As ever if you have a problem that isn’t fixed here please file a bug about it we can’t do this without you.

The real big news about 1.0.2 however isn’t told in the release notes, it’s all about the developer story. We now have GCC 3.2 support in the stable branch so developers only need a much more common set of tools than our previous madness. These are fixes that have been in the unstable branch for a while and have been backported.

This isn’t the end of development on 1.0.2 either, oh no. There’s a flood of localised versions to be built. The final release of our new SDK should be coming in a couple of weeks too. But that’s not all! No, the current plan is to do another developer release a couple of weeks after that integrating some of the patches from distributors such as RedHat, Mandrake and Debian. This would allow a more easily configuarable version of OOo for the discerning embedder. It’s really all about making things easier for people to choose OpenOffice.org. Although I am informed that they’ll still have to hack together their own Java removal. :-)