Terrible Clothes

Why do people with such terrible/trendy fashion sense seem to congregate around art? Is it because they think they’re fashionable? I hope not. Exploting parental Tate membership I visited the Eva Hesse exhibition at Tate Modern today.

It was actually rather good although I’m still thinking. The sort of thing that makes you think deeply actually. Go see it if you’re in London before March when it leaves for warmer climes. Enjoyment of quality art wasn’t helped by the bilious coats, haircuts and hoodie strings sported by the assembled punters; lets just say that Hesse’s renowned minimalism wasn’t respected in the clothing choices of her adoring fans.

Another bonus to being a Tate member is access to the Members lounge with nice chairs, excellent view and reasonably priced food and drink, most unlike an art gallery. At £2.65 a pint it’s also not an exhorbitant place to go and sup a pint of London Pride of a summer afternoon. Sadly today it rained.