Target Market Nostalgia

“Transformers, robots in disguise!” Rarely have those words been spoken without an alomst suicidaly Japanese sense of enthusiam. For those unfortunates (myself included) who were unhappy enough to grow up in the early 80’s watching, playing, dreaming about and generally interacting in a full on childish obsession was not uncommon. I myself possesed optimus prime. That is all. Little more needs to be said.

So it’s insuprising that as we Transformers fans grow up and start to become prosperous twentysomethings DVD releases and other marketing tie-ins are scheduled. I wonder if this sort of nostalgic exploitation is part of the business model for childrens TV development these days. If it’s not then it certainly should be these things leave deep imprints.

As for buying the DVD’s? I think not, I’ve still got a MASK video left over from my childhood and can watch that if I need anything to remind me that these shows were terribly animated, plotted and voice acted. The toys were good though.