My Incredible Journey

Yesterday I resigned from Lumi, ending my startup journey for a while. I’ll be starting a new job working for Collabora in a month. I’m really looking forward to be back working on open source software and the new challenge.

This’ll be my first job without ‘Designer’ in the title for about 10 years. Although I’ve been doing lots of solution definition, product/project managing and suchlike this’ll be the first time it actually says that on a business card (we didn’t have job titles or business cards at Lumi, it was that sort of place).

Other than having a new desk, and travelling to Cambridge on a regular basis I’m reluctant to predict too far ahead. I’m certainly looking forward to getting a bit of perspective on Lumi and hopefully writing something about the patterns and anti-patterns that I saw whilst working there in the future. In the interim, suggestions on today’s best Linux laptops are gratefully received.