First Ride

This morning: a little sun, a crisp snap in the air, dry. It must be time for the first ride of the year.

Over the past few weeks of relentless rain, cold and drizzle I’d been looking mournfully outside, waiting for the weather to break a little and thinking that I was ‘running behind’ last year, which was a good one in the saddle for me.

I know you can say that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. But when you don’t have said clothes that’s not much consolation so I’ve been huddling inside. Anyway, today seemed bright enough and indeed I made it with only minor discomfort not caused due to lack of fitness.

Upon my return I took a look at the ride in Strava and discovered that I’d been deceiving myself. Last year I started two days later and went slower and less far. Suddenly 2014 looks more optimistic.