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Being stuck in another country certainly does allow you to spend more time doing things that you like to do, but which the urgency of proximity based interaction usually displaces. In this case it’s spending some time putting things onto here. Not much, but a little. In this case, here’s some things I’ve highlighted on my Kindle.

Heretics (G. K. Chesterton) - Loc. 292-93

“Posting a letter and getting married are among the few things left that are entirely romantic; for to be entirely romantic a thing must be irrevocable.”
Heretics (G. K. Chesterton) - Loc. 1001-2
“He is in a perpetual state of temporary honesty.”

Changing My Mind (Zadie Smith) - Loc. 1394-96

“Do our childhoods often return to us in the form of coherent, lyrical reveries? Is this how time feels? Do the things of the world really come to us like this, embroidered in the verbal fancy of times past? Is this really realism?”

God’s Fury, England’s Fire (Michael Braddick) - Loc. 5063

“Overall, the King’s position was not bad, which meant that his opponents” position was not good”