A couple of presentations

I’ve given a couple of presentations about designing Moblin in the last few months. Since they’re now public on the internets I can talk about them here. This is quite difficult to do since they contain a lot of video, attempting to show how we create (with our lovely hackers) the compelling motion that Clutter can deliver. So you’ll miss all that ‘behind the scenes’ excitement. The two presentations are quite similar in many ways, you’ll certainly see repeated motifs, but that’s just because we’re trying to create a family of design around Moblin (and I’m a bit lazy).

So, designing Moblin for netbooks:

And designing Moblin for MIDs:

Both presentations have versions with speaker notes linked inside them, although, as ever they were only a very rough guide to what I actually said. If you want to know the real truth, you had to be there.