Video Quartet

I popped into the Tate for a little bit today because I’d seen that Christian Marclay’s Video Quartet was on show and I really wanted to see it after reading this recommendation by Dan Hill. Wow. That’s very good art. Immersive on multiple levels, beautifully pitched in ebb and flow, truly creative. It’s the sort of thing you’re supposed to feel (note: not just see) more in art galleries. If you can, go.

Whilst I was there I also spotted Gilbert and George wandering about on the closed level 4 setting up for their new one man(?) show and was reminded of Christian Bale’s remarks in The Prestige about living your life in character. After that it was a quick pass through the bookshop on the way out where I spotted these marvelous artworks available for purchase. If it’s a choice between living your life in character or as minifig I know which I’d choose.