1440×900 on the Acer AL1916W

I know you, you’re a sly fox. What with wanting to actually use the monitor you bought at the right resolution under Linux. But, you’re on a deadline and you haven’t got much time, not much time at all, so you hit a bit of google to pimp up those pixels and this is what you find.

Edit your xorg.conf to display similar things to the content below:

Section “Monitor” Identifier “Acer AL1916W” HorizSync 30-82 Vertrefresh 56-76 Modeline “1440×900″ 106.5 1440 1520 1672 1904 900 901 904 932 -HSync +VSync Option “DPMS” EndSection


Section “Screen” Identifier “Default Screen” Device “NVIDIA Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5200]” Monitor “Acer AL1916W” DefaultDepth 24 SubSection “Display” Depth 24 Modes “1440×900″ “1280×960″ “1152×864″ “1024×768″ “800×600″ “640×480″ EndSubSection EndSection

That should help you see as much of that document as possible. Productivity++