Axe that Lynx

One of the most distressing things about being in America was having to watch an advert. No, not the ad for ‘once a day Valtrax’ that allows you to feel good about fighting genital herpes, oh no, something much worse than that. If you watch sport (as I do a lot) then you see lots of ads again and again, such that they inculcate themselves into your very soul and make you feel miserable all the time. One in particular was fairly decent (even if its base morals were tremedously dodgy) with Ben Affleck for Lynx deoderant. Well, imagine my unhappiness when I get to America and see a shot for shot remake with the disreputable Nick Lachey in the title role. And shown every 3 ad breaks! Oh dear.

Also interesting in the world. The boiled egg that knows when it’s ready - this is as good as a flying car for me, well done ’scientists’ and an app to ring you up on your mobile to fake popularity.