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I have things to tell you. Things like, The Knife are a great band, buy their stuff. You can get it on mp3 download or in The Shops. As is traditional the title of this post comes from a song, this time it’s one of theirs from the new album Silent Shout.If you have an Orange phone in the UK and want to use some (pay for) WiFi then send a text to 9434 and enter the username and password you get sent back. The cost’ll be charged to your phone account saving all that unseemly mucking about with credit cards. As you know I rarely pimp our services but this is actually quite useful and I need to note it down. On a similar note this thoughtful article on living with a nokia n70 on Orange is required reading for mobilists. Getting away from the madding crowd of kneejerk newness and much more into a customers point of view where you change your phone every 12-18 months at most. The focus on operator ‘value add’ and the difference it makes is intriguing to a ‘value adder(sidenote: adder’s are the only venomous snakes in Britain, I feel that this is no coincidence.)‘ such as myself.

These IDEO method cards look super awesome and really handy. I’ll have to get my saving on or hope someone likes buying presents for me. Whilst I was looking at that I came across this presentation on GEGL, the ‘new’ engine that will be behind The Gimp at some point, perhaps. The presentation was actually written in a custom bit of software that used GEGL itself and was laid out in an interestingly non linear, Webb-eque fashion (and his latest, a talk on SciFi, is mindblowing). This reminded me to try and find an excuse to give a presentation to see if the ‘Whiteboard’ technique I’ve been planning actually works. This led on to horizon, a sketchpad application for tablet computers, in this case more specifically the Nokia 770 Linux device. I’ve long been hankering after computerised sketchpads and tablets like Denim. Not because I’m particularly good at drawing; mainly because I hate paper but find it difficult to express creative ideas without a visual representation It also feels like a Future application, like robots, jetpacks and segways and as a good Geek I believe in The Future.

Also, I changed the CSS of the site slightly, you won’t notice the difference. That was the intention. This is the end of the things I have to say for now.