Falling Through Your Clothes

Containers for housing is simply further ammunition for my contention that containers rock and are one of the finest things in the world. Why? Standards my dear, standards.

I was asked to define ‘nerdcore’ the other day: this is it. I find it worryingly appealing.

We should make benevolent games for all spaces and all technologies.

Advertising Ghosts is a great place to track one of my interests, really old and often weathered adverts. You may find it equally handy for the same purpose.

Unsurprisngly awesome although a bit old school, The Windows 95 User Interface: A Case Study in Usability Engineering. If you can remember back far enough to recall the different between Windows 3.1 and 95 you’ll know why.

Do you dual boot your computer with Windows and Linux? (ie do you use both Windows and Linux on the same machine) If so you’ll be wanting ext2 filesystem support for Windows so you can access and save your Linux stuff from Windows. That is if you use ext2/3 as your filesystem of course (it’s the default for Red Hat and Ubuntu so it’s likely). I mostly use XFS becuase of its general awesomness but anything’s good really.