In which the word ‘good’ is used more often than is strictly healthy. I’m morbidly fascinated by the possibility of doing a frequency analysis on the thousands of words of old posts I’ve written on here to unearth my most annoying and cliched ticks. And then I think two things. Who cares? And that I can do without the pain of seeing my worst side any more than I do at the moment. Consciousness is enough for now. On with the post.

This long article on really is quite startlingly good.

Also good is Dan Hill on how the photography of Stepehen Gill is changing the way he views photos. Not least becuase it (and the comments) get to the essential tension, is any collection better than your average flickr photostream (substitute medium for effect)? To me, the answer would be no, 1 in 10 times. People seem willing to pay to watch the other 9 though.

That’s it, I’ve got nothing. Bleep is still good. The framework was longer than the content. Not a deliberate postmodernist device. Or a lesson at all.