Win x2

Yet again, I am a winner.


Position (Overall): 16157 Position (Gender): 12990 Position (Age group): 2421

Splits: KM10: 0:55:57 KM20: 1:51:59 HALF: 1:58:18 KM30: 2:54:01 KM40: 4:10:07 FINISH: 4:25:58

As you can see right up until 30K I was well placed to run what I was expecting (9 minute miles, pretty much throughout) but for a host of reasons I won’t bore you with it wasn’t to be. However, quite frankly, as the Zapatek quote I posted on Saturday implied, I think I gained more from gritting it out than I would have done from a terribly quick time. Yet I wouldn’t expect to see me doing anything more painful than a walk from chair to bar for a little while yet.

Update: Post match picture: