Mobile Marathon

The most surprising thing about running the marathon was just how many competitors were using their mobiles on the route as they were running. I didn’t see all that many runners at all actually (probably a thousand at most) as we were all pretty well segregated by time but of those that I saw I’d say about 100 or so had mobile phones on them and in active use at some point. Most were using voice calls to co-ordinate their positions with various supporters along the route although some of the larger fancy dress installations had mounted mobiles in clearly ‘text only’ positions. I’d assume these were for supporters to text in words of encouragement given the two handed nature of these costumes. It’s a good reminder just how much basic penetration of mobile devices there is in this country that behaviour shifts of this nature can go pretty much unremarked. I didn’t take my phone. I’d wanted to do something with LBS but didn’t get my act together in time which was a bit of a shame but I’m sure I’ll get over it.