Prince on Edge

The new Edge website/blog is starting to get pretty good, rivalling the Guardian Gamesblog and Eurogamer in my feedreader. Yet the coup de grace is publishing top stories from their recent archive like this marvelous Time Extend piece on Prince Of Persia: The Sands of Time. 3,000 odd (up from 500-1,000 for their typical review) considered words of review on one of the best games ever, a year after its release. I’ll sign up for that. Obviously I buy Edge every month and there are a couple of people I lend it to so we can discuss and generally ridicule. Now they’ve got it up in a permalinkable format, like Wired, I can put it here and be fairly sure that people like Ben, Dan or Andy will see it, even if they don’t read it that closely and that a slightly more meaningful (meaninful to me anyway) conversation is possible. Thanks Edge and oh, go read that PoP peice and if you don’t have the game yet buy it right now, it’s v. cheap and available on all current console formats. No, not that horrid Warrior Within, the one I traded exactly 4 minutes of gameplay after buying it when a metal thong wielding ‘babe’ sashayed onto the screen and the Prince called her a ‘bitch’ that my friends, is not what it’s all about. The Sands of Time is.