Intended Articles

A list of weblog and otherwise articles or pieces presented in a list that is supposed to evoke familiarity and possibly awe at my wide ranging interests. Here presented in a dissertation style format that should hopefully tell all whilst negating the reason to write them up fully since, well, I’m not that interested in most of them any more for one reason or another.

I’ve intended to write over the past six months or so but never got around to, due to being too busy working with systems and problems I didn’t like. If you know me even marginally I’ve probably bent your ear at one stage or another on one or more of these subjects. Apologies for the repetition but sometimes it’s good to get things off your chest.

  • Jared Diamond vs. Sid Meir: Development and Gameplay
  • About A Minute To Go: London Underground, Apple and expectation management in the 21st century
  • Wraparound Menus: Areas Series 60 isn’t as clever as it thinks it is.
  • Youngest Sons: Managing unstable societies
  • Eager To Please: Perkiness in 19th century Russia as seen in ‘Crime and Punishment’
  • Penguins And Branding: Can we really hold only one image in our heads at any one time?
  • 30 Seconds Of Fun Over And Over Again: Halo as Criticism?
  • Billy No Mates: Critical Mass For Informal Social Networks
  • Doing Stuff That Makes You Look Stupid: Hands free vs. Sidetalking in societal acceptance
  • Go Forward: Territory, rugby and the back foot
  • If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things: thank goodness we’ve stopped being obsessed by Diana
  • Television Makes you Blind: why geeks love resolution
  • Letter Sucks: A4, Gamecube and the Golden Section
  • Recurring Themes in Fin de Siècle Austrian Short Story
  • Getting Rid Of Things: How, why and what possessions to shed
  • Daftpunk is playing at my house: musicblogs and editorial judgment
  • Giving of yourself: modern art, ancient art and personal revelation
  • Better Things To Do: a list of why everybody isn’t like me
  • Sleeper Hits: word of mouth and platform selection in software innovation
  • It’s for your own good: Benevolence, control and authoritarianism
  • Technical Clothing: appearances can be deceptive
  • Keeping Down The Underground: only loving the other other
  • Preaching To The Converted: Reviews of Books and their obsession with the Middle East
  • With Kitchener To Khartoum: My love for jingoistic patriotic propaganda and why it probably makes me a bad person
  • Overepresenting The Unrepresented: the selection of Poems on the Underground

I reserve the right to actually get my act together and write any or more of these in the future. If I do you reserve the right to think that the title was better.