25 Band Names

If I were in a band it would probably have many names, here are some of them in an order: 1.Linus and the Rockers 2.Arch Pun 3.John Donne and the Metaphysicals 4.Closed Sundays 5.Minicom 6.Annular Fission and You 7.The Gallery 8.Ornamentalism 9.Slang 10.Great American Novel 11.Penguin Hotel 12.Backup Tape 13.Read Reciept 14.Penalty Fare 15.From The Author Of 16.Chelsea Ted 17.24 Hour Protection 18.Wear More Badges 19.Bad Passport Photo 20.Moneyball 21.Monkeyball 22.Large Format 23.Doubledensity 24.Kindred 25.A City Of The Future

The above is not necessarily the correct order.