7 Year-Olds

You may’ve spotted that I’ve not been around very much this week. This is because I’ve been helping out at a childrens youth week thingy for primary school age people. To clarify I’ve been a team (10 or so) leader for 6 and 7 year olds. Now 6 and 7 year olds rock so hard, there’s just something deep in my brain that means I get on with them pretty much straight off the bat so it’s been lots of running about and terribly, terribly exhausting. Mr Hamilton sussed it earlier today when he called me. “Are you downstairs at CH?” he asked. A similar ambiance of loudness. As such I’m quite tired now.

Oh and my 3650 is broke. Looks to be a firmware problem. It’s off to the nice people at Vodafone so I’ve got a loan Siemens A55 currently and am not liking it at all. Having difficulty creating a coherant sentence. Later.