CM4, Addictiveness in a box

CM4 is totally, totally addictive and the makers know it. In the saved game properties there’s a little addictiveness rating for how long you’ve spent on the game, so far they advise me to look at changing my underwear on this one. There was a study showing that computer games playing boosts concentration and I have to agree, days fly past…

I get lots of work done too, in the time that CM4 is doing its number crunching to simulate pretty much the entire footballing world in my computer I’ve been reading, writing and learning. It works too, check out this news from my CM4 inbox:

“Watford fans are absolutely ecstatic after their boss Nick Richards beat all the odds to bring them glory in the UEFA Cup. One fans’ spokesperson was heard to remark that Richards had performed miracles with the Watford team and they would be looking to dedicate a statue to him outside Vicarage Road. Watford board members were spotted celebrating amongst the fans after winning the competition.”

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Tomorrow it’s Sarries vs. Leicester in the Wildcard playoff for European rugby next year and here’s hoping that “your friends and hero’s” can snaffle the prize, preferably in an underhand fashion. This quote from our coach is certainly encouraging: “I’m expecting nothing short of all out war on Saturday.” Explained Shelford.”