Happiest Day Of The Month

It’s the happiest day of the month at Starbucks! Another new month begins today which means a new coffee of the day (fairtrade, rock!) new instore promotions and new muffins (remind me never to have the Raspberry and peach ever again, please). But best of all they’ve changed the 45 minute music loop!

Anyone who talks to me online a lot will know that the starbucks 45 minute loop is the bane of my life, I now feel a deep feeling of anger whenever I hear the words “On The Boardwalk”. In a strange burst of sense now they’ve got Beck on it, singing Golden Age (and now Lost Cause!) from his rather fine new album Sea Change. So a happy nick.

Even better is the fact that the female barista’s are to a lady absolutely stunning today. Clearly, nice to look at, I mean they’re no Beer Wench but all the same. (er yes News Internationals Australian interests have stupid archives, sorry)

Apologies for too many exclamation marks, I lead a sheltered life.