End Of 2002

This is what the end of another year tastes like. It tastes like friendship and that’s never a bad thing. After the disaster that was 2001 this year has been pretty decent for me personally and professionally. I got my life sorted much better, kept up with friends much better and even made a few new ones. This was a good plan.

I became increasingly involved in the OpenOffice.org community, culminating in being elected co-Lead of the Marketing Project which was a huge surprise and a real honour. I’ve really been able to get to grips with some of the History stuff I was struggling with last year and I feel much more confident heading towards my finals than I expected. The real problem I had with history was that I’m really quite good at it without trying. So when something’s actually beyond my first look I wasn’t knuckling down and working at it. This year was thankfully quite different.

All in all it’s been a blast, see you in a couple of hours when life will actually be the same as it is now. I’m off to get a drink.